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Truck & Bus Disc Brake Pads       


Bus & Truck Drum Brake Linings

Commercial vehicle is any type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or paying passengers. Baiyun develops and manufactures brake pads & linings for commercial vehicles including truck & bus which require powerful braking force.

For large commercial vehicles (trucks & buses), strong braking forces are required. To this end, drum brakes are widely used because they are more lightweight and costs less that disc brakes, while capable of delivering more braking force. Disc brakes are generally used for passenger cars. Because of their stable braking force at high speeds and resistance to brake fade, they are increasingly being adopted on commercial vehicles as well.

Drum braking for commercial vehicles

Disc braking for commercial vehicles

Friction materials for commercial vehicles

Braking System

Commercial Vehicles (truck & bus)

Manufacturing process of friction materials